Here on this page I will keep a reflection journal about the process of creating/establishing an adult basic education wiki. I plan to use this wiki not only as my final project for my EC & I 831 course requirement, but also as a professional development tool that will be open for adult educators interested in integrating multiple subject/content areas together so learners can better assimilate and apply knowledge in a more authentic, holistic manner than the current trend of subject segregation and specialization allows for.

I’ll post blog posts here on this page that reflect the journey I’m taking; both the triumphs, excitements as well as the road blocks and frustrations will show up here. Anyone who has any helpful suggestions for me or who have any insights as to these reflections is more than welcome to comment and share their thoughts with me! Thanks!


3 Responses to “Creating my Integration Wiki”

  1. Michelle Clarke said

    Well I sort of got the cart before the horse here, a little bit, in that I began the wiki before I began the set up of this reflection area on my blog site, but oh well.. that’s OK. Starting the wiki wasn’t hard at all in terms of technical steps. I went with WikiSpaces as the medium to use for this and their instructions are pretty clear and straightforward overall, plus they have some excellent tutorial aids that as I work my way through this process, I am sure I will access more than once. I will also likely avail myself of the many instructional how-to video clips people have put on YouTube too. Knowing where to get the help is a good first step, in my humble opinion! Plus, I know Alec and Bettina (as well as my fellow classmates) will no doubt be a terrific source of not only information, but inspiration as well. I plan on visiting everyone else’s wikis to nab some of their ideas to reuse for myself 😉

    I have thought a bit about the structure of my wiki and the sorts of organizational things I will need to have in place. This will evolve over time as I try things, change things and adapt. I have had to think about privacy issues as well, since the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour (hereafter referred to as AEEL and for whom I have been seconded to work on this integration project) is a bit hesitant about opening up the wiki to the entire world just yet. So I have decided on a medium path, where anyone can comment, but people need to apply to be added as wiki contributors. I realize it’s not an ideal arrangement, given that this class IS about Open Education and Social Media and any sort of road blocks in the way of that add inconvenience and more time for the administrator of the wiki (namely me). But, well, this is the reality with which I must work and so I shall! I have begun to shape the wiki.. I need to get cracking on fleshing out the very bare bones structure I have set out though. So that is actually what I’m off to do now!

  2. tchcruiser said

    Michelle, I had a quick look at your final project tonight after class (I am trying to be a good colleague and give everyone a bit of feedback and ensure that someone else has seen their hard work!) I really like the simplicity of your wiki. I think it has “good bones” – and room to grow and expand as you add more content through the upcoming months. I think it is a good showcase of the skills you have learned about how to put a wiki together – no doubt an extension of Moodle building as it is not that far off. A country cousin so to speak….. I like the wordle pieces also – something I have seen everywhere but have never actually gone there and built one myself! Good luck with its continued use – I hope your colleagues and students find it useful.

    If you feel so inclined and have a few minutes this week, I too would appreciate any feedback you could offer about my final project wiki



    • Michelle Clarke said

      Thank you very much Delise for your comments and encouragement! There is a lot I want to do with the wiki not only in the upcoming week, to make it a bit more “fleshed out” for the final class day, but for the future as well. I’m definitely trying to keep that future growth aspect in mind as I create it!

      I did manage to take a look at your wiki as well and I love the inclusion of the graphics. That is something I need to add into mine as well. The Wordles are cool and they were most definitely a hit with many of the instructors who attended the integration workshop last week, but I’d love to have more images that speak those thousand words so eloquently 🙂

      I like the way yours is set up as well. The easy navigation links on the side are pretty self-explanatory. You might find that playing around with fonts/bolding, etc. on the home page might make the various sections of your text stand out a bit more from one another. Looking good so far!!

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