Catching up and the Final Course pieces

November 29, 2009

This past week has been a killer. Not in a literal sense, though, thank goodness! My partner and I hit the road all last week to deliver workshops and distribute a curriculum integration guide we had co-authored a couple of years ago to ABE instructors throughout the province. The workshops went really well over all and the feedback was pretty positive. I had managed to cobble together enough of my final project wiki to feel comfortable in showing it to the workshop participants and for many of them, the wiki was the highlight of the workshop and they indicated this on the evaluation form at the end of it.

So I’m jazzed to keep on adding to it now and make it even more impressive! There is a lot of work to be done on it yet, though I’ve been steadfastly adding things and shaping it in ways that I hope make sense, not only to me, but to anyone else who views it as well. I’ve extended invitations to everyone I met over the last week (over 100 ABE instructors in Saskatchewan) to join the wiki and become contributors to it. We’ll see how that goes.. so far only one person has requested membership.

During the course of the workshops we did a lot of integrated planning with the attendees and Joanne and I plan on adding these unit plans and ideas to the wiki itself, to be able to share these with other instructors too. There is about a year’s worth of work to do, (alright.. that’s a bit of an hyperbolic statement) but we’ll keep plugging away at it, bit by bit. It’s something Jo and I are doing on our own time because we feel it’s important. ABE instructors in the province don’t generally utilize Web 2.0 tools to their advantage and I’m trying in this small way to bridge the gap for some of them, at least in this one aspect of their professional practice.

I’m still trying to catch up from previous classes. I haven’t had time to experiment yet with one of the tools that Scott Leslie and Brian Lamb had suggested during the November 17th class, though I have read all of my classmates’ blog posts about their impressions of the class and I’m relieved to find out I’m not the only one who felt they were “left in the dust” a bit by the presentation. I hope to have time to experiment with the tools they suggested and to try again to listen to the Elluminate recorded session. I did manage to catch up and listen to Stephen Downes session on LOLcats and I’m quite familiar with LOLcats myself. I love the Icanhascheezeburger website! The Icanhashotdog site is pretty cool too! My favorite LOLcat Math image is this one:

I think I could easily remix this one and trade out the word “algeblah” for something more techie related and it wouldn’t lose any of it’s funny-ness! Or aptness, for that matter! Ah well.. I’ll keep on plugging along here, learning what I can absorb, making bookmarks at those pages where things seem confusing to give them another look in the hopes the pieces fall into place for me then. Catch you all tomorrow in class!


9 Responses to “Catching up and the Final Course pieces”

  1. Amy said

    your wiki is looking so good! Great job…how did you get the adds off?

    • Michelle Clarke said

      Thanks Amy! It still has a ways to go yet, but it’s shaping up anyway! I bit the bullet and paid $50 for the year to have the ads gone. I had them on when I was showing the wiki and it just detracted so much from it I couldn’t stand it. Ah well. 🙂

  2. starkg said

    I agree with Amy – great job! I know I’m teaching the literacy levels 1 and 2, but if teaching assignments shift around like they usually do I know I will be using it as a resource! Thanks Michelle! (and thanks for returning Joanne – we missed her around here!)

    (Hey – maybe you can bill SaskEd for the wiki cost – it was part of your presentation!)


    • Michelle Clarke said

      *laughs* Ah well. $50 is a drop in the bucket and if I can maintain the site the way I want to, maybe it’s worth the outlay of cash. If someone else pays for it, who knows what sort of work they’d be wanting in exchange, haha.

  3. Bettina Welsh said

    Great Wiki! I especially love the piece on Aboriginal Perspectives, as this is the topic of my thesis. You have done a lot work. Great job! Bettina Welsh

  4. bgatin said

    Good stuff! That is a ton of information and it is all laid out really clearly. Good work. Cool video in the examples section.

  5. Michelle Clarke said

    Thank you Bettina and Brian for the wonderful feedback! I appreciate it! I still have quite a few things to add to it yet. It’s just finding the time to do so that is the challenge. Especially when I still have to do a reflective learning cumulative something or another as well yet! Ah well.. It’ll be all there by Tuesday, haha.

  6. Great Wiki…I will definately follow this for future additions to it. Looking for things with an Aboriginal perspective is usually tough and to include it in your wiki is impressive!

    • Michelle Clarke said

      Thanks Celia! Please… feel free to contribute yourself to the content of the wiki too. The more we all share with one another, the more we all come to know 🙂

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