I Need Your Help!

September 17, 2009

Hello everyone! I’m in the middle of a big project and I figured I would harness the brain power of the social networking geniuses I’m lucky enough to know (that’s you, by the way). I’m designing provincial workshops for adult basic education instructors who are going to be introduced and given an integration guide that I have co-authored. Now my partner in this project, Joanne, and I, have managed to get the initial plans set for the 1 day workshop and we have a number of things prepared for it, like a tentative schedule for the day, a pre-workshop survey we’re really hoping people will fill out (we’re hoping the “incentive” of a random draw for those who DO fill out the survey will help ensure participation), a post-workshop evaluation assessment form as well as assorted activities and media we plan to utilize throughout the day.

Today as we were wrapping up our very exciting and productive planning session, I had the INSPIRED idea of combining my wrap up major digital project for this course along with the needs of ABE instructors throughout the province to network and to share successes/frustrations/teaching practices with one another by deciding to create a wiki site for it. I thought I could use the ECI831 as an example of what I could do, or at least as a rough framework for my own design. What I could use help with from the rest of you is suggestions or tools that you come across that you think might be valuable for me to include on the wiki. Anything you happen to find that would either be a resource to help instructors integrate multiple subject areas together, or suggestions for networking tools you think would be valuable to include on the site.. really anything you’d like to contribute would be SO welcome and appreciated.

My initial plans are to have some pages of the wiki editable so that everyone in ABE in the province (and worldwide of course) can contribute to the base of knowledge about ABE and integration in particular (I’m envisioning having separate pages for each of the subject areas on the wiki as well as pages dedicated to integration) as well as some locked pages and those would be few and far inbetween. Likely as not they’d be the ones where a PDF version of the integration guide would be available.. any sort of informational things that should remain static and unchanging, except by administrators of the wiki, which likely ends up being me.. hahah.. I’m making my own job opportunities! Also, I thought I’d include a page that has YouTube clips demonstrating how to use various social networking media, and a directory of ABE instructors (just like the directory Alec has for the credit students) for those who want to offer their expertise to others.

And that’s all I have thought to do so far with it. If you can think of something that might be helpful to me, I’d be really appreciative of it and I, of course, will be looking for opportunities to pay back the favour in kind! Thank you in advance!


2 Responses to “I Need Your Help!”

  1. Hi Michelle – this kind of project would be very welcome at Wikiversity: http://en.wikiversity.org

  2. Michelle Clarke said

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the link. I’ll be checking it out more closely in the days to come. It looks like there is a lot of information even on the initial page. I appreciate it!

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