Thank Goodness for YouTube!!

September 15, 2009

OK.. so I’m taking an Open and Social Media networking class and there are SO many Web 2.0 tools and gadgets and doodads out there for me to explore. Well it’s going fairly well for me as I happen to be a pretty adventurous sort and I’m willing to give anything a whirl! But I have to say, my learning is being aided tremendously by the plethora of YouTube videos that are out there that people have taken the time to create and post online. I can watch them over and over again until I get it right or I can look for similar videos posted by other budding videographers. I can’t believe some school divisions have banned YouTube from being used in classrooms as valid learning tools. That is such a step backward, in my humble opinion.

As an example… I’m struggling a bit with Twitter. I understand the concept of it and I signed up for a Twitter account today and even posted my first tweet (well.. I’ve posted 3 now) but I still wasn’t sure I was doing it “right.” And then tonight during the synchronous session Alec introduced TweetDeck and I downloaded that and hooked up my Twitter and FaceBook accounts to it. Then I spent the next 20 minutes exploring the TweetDeck page to see how on earth I would log in again once I closed the window. I could find the Log Out button easily enough but nothing that would indicate on the TweetDeck webpage where I would sign in again. So I sat for a half hour with my TweetDeck open with visions of not being able to powerdown my laptop for the next several months for fear I wouldn’t be able to access my TweetDeck again. And then!!! Then I found a YouTube video clip that told me TweetDeck installs a shortcut to your desktop and THAT is how I would access the application again. Now I need have no fear my laptop’s performance will degrade because I never reboot it to install upgrades. Phew! There are also loads of other YouTube video clips that explain the concepts and demonstrate the “how tos” of using these various technologies and I know these videos will make me appear so much more “with it” and smarter than those of you who are reading this blog and know better!

Here is the TweetDeck YouTube clip I watched. One of these days I may even make my own YouTube how to video to help digital immigrants such as myself!!


2 Responses to “Thank Goodness for YouTube!!”

  1. courosa said

    Great that you found a video to help you. Once you learn to Google “x” + “tutorial”, you’ll find there is so much available to you. And you certainly found this already. 🙂

    Glad you are starting to see the value in Twitter, especially with Tweetdeck.


  2. Jeff Greenslade said

    Right on…I am not alone. Why is it that we always find happiness in others misery (knowing that we are not alone when it comes to online “stuff”. I sure with I could help with your dogs but my wife, who is not eager in owning a dog and who is also pregnant with our second child would not succumb to increasing the business of our out of control lives as it is. I am learning with you and thanks for the youtube link, I will definately watch it and when I figure out how to Twitter I will find you:)

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